To work or To break

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Monster Mystery

As we begin this schoolyear, I decided that one of their first writing assignments would be to compose a descriptive paragraph. NO descriptive writing...
Today we will

Week One is Over

Monday Objectives: Get acquainted Assignments: 1. Complete ‘Find Someone Who’ 2. Starburst Writing Products: 1. Completed ‘Find Someone Who’ chart 2. Responses to Starburst...

Last days of Summer

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Back to School – Agenda

The 5 things that I want to get done the first week with the students. Three community building activities Find someone who..with selfie –...
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Joining Bloglovin

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I am a classroom teacher who is trying to BE THE CHANGE that I always talk about. I want...

What you might not know about the Declaration of Independence – Kenneth C. Davis | TED-Ed

This is Day 4 of TEDEd Challenge and the lesson is about the Declaration of Independence. In June 1776, a little over a year...

TED-Ed Blog» Blog Archive » Take the TED-Ed July Challenge!

Today was the first TEDEd Challenge. What challenge you ask? Well TEDEd will share one lesson a day during July to keep our brains...
Swag Bag Giveaway

Louisiana Teachers Blog y’all

What happens when you gather a room full of Lousiana bloggers in a library on a Saturday? The 1st Annual Louisiana Teacher Blogger Meetup,...