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Today was the first TEDEd Challenge. What challenge you ask? Well TEDEd will share one lesson a day during July to keep our brains...
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Louisiana Teachers Blog y’all

What happens when you gather a room full of Lousiana bloggers in a library on a Saturday? The 1st Annual Louisiana Teacher Blogger Meetup,...

edcampNOLA 2015

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Teacher Leader Summit 2015

June 4th and June 5th I had the pleasure of attending the 2nd Louisiana Teacher Leaders Summit and I had a blast. I enjoyed the...
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Responding with memes

Thanks to my summer ventures into self driven PD, I had an opportunity to play with memes. I realized that I was hooked when...
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My Scholars are Online and Passionate

We are in the midst of Pursuing our Passions as we work through our #PassionateScholars Project. My Scholars are researching a topic that is important...
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Introducing our Passions

Here are some of the videos that were created as part of our #PassionateScholars Project. The Goal of the assignment was to create a...
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TodaysMeet for your 2015 class

TodaysMeet is…? TodaysMeet is a backchannel chat platform that was designed for teachers and provides an online space for anyone to share resources, ask...
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Where do you spend your time?

Just noted my list of frequently visited pages. I wonder what this says about me. ??? Uhhhh, I work too hard maybe…. Just noticed...