These 8 tools can help solve ANY problem

These 8 tools can help solve ANY problem that you might be experiencing. Seriously, give me a problem and I guarantee you that one...

YES, you can create memes and gifs for class

You use interactive notebooks, Socratic Seminars, Kagan Strategies, online testing, flashcards, foldables, and everything including the kitchen sink to make sure that your students have...
Kagan Strategies to use

Kagan Structures

Spencer Kagan has developed many classroom structures that promote positive interpersonal peer relationships, equality, self-esteem, and achievement. Students follow the structure steps, work together...

EdCampNOLA 2016 is onnnn!!! 10.29.26

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EdCampNOLA calendar

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creating social media posts

Creating social media posts

  The four categories of focus for a RAFT include: Role of the Writer: Who are you as the writer? A movie star? The...
creating videos

creating videos

Before your students can tell their story, they need to outline it so that they can identify the key points. Provide them with a...

Creating engaging summaries

Summarizing requires students to determine what is important in the text. Paraphrasing requires them to translate the text into their own words. Manipulating the...
creating interactive images

Creating Interactive Images

After students read text have them create memes or gifs regarding the themes, characters, main ideas, concepts, etc.  They use critical thinking skills to find...