Writing Fix’s Serendipitous Plot Creator


writing fix serendipitous plotsThis site allows you to randomly select a setting, character and conflict for story writing. 


Press the button and you will be given a setting, character and conflict to use for a story.

press button to selectOnce upon a time, in a desolate campground was a lost and lonely princess.  The princess was on her yacht when she fell off and swam to the campground.  She wandered around for days before she encountered someone. 

Her joy quickly turned to sorrow when she realized that he could not help her. He did not speak the same language and was unable to talk to the Princess.  She was sleepy, hungry and sad. 

The Princess quickly realized that she would have to find another way to communicate so she began to play charades with her hosts.  She acted out being hungry, sad and sleepy.

The site also has great resources for teachers: a prewriting form, a list of transitions, a sheet for a rough draft and a template for post it notes with quick and ez writing checklist.

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