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We created Utopian Societies

One of the assignments we completed this school year was to create a video about our Utopian society.

After reading ‘Harrison Bergeron‘,  we created Common Craft style videos displaying Utopian Societies that we created to illustrate the restrictions in Vonnegut’s Dystopian Society.

The assignment called for the creation of a Bill of Rights, flag, flower, motto, etc.   They created a foldable booklet and then used the foldable to create their video.  They narrated the with the aid of topic characters different elements of their societies.

The project was an eye opening one for me due to:

number of drug and sex infiltrated societies

difficulties in naming societies

range of creativity: some were really creative and some were not

their fear of videotaping (even when their face is not visible)

desire to be videotaped (from students who don’t talk in class)

the need to do more of this in class

Here is my sample Utopian Video for Burtonopia

Here are some of our videos on our Utopian Channel on Vimeo.

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