July 24

The DENsations compete in the #DENSI2012 DENmazing race

The DENsations Rock

We are

Kathy Sedlacek

Valerie Burton

Davina Turner and

Beth Burau


DENSI has yet another team building activity.  This one involves completing a series of challenges in hopes of having your team win the DENmazing Race.  I was able to join the race with this great group of educators who wanted to have fun and FINISH.  We did and We did. We had fun, ran a little, plotted how to succeed and laughed a lot.

We supported one another (they did not leave me as I heaved up the street feeling every above sea level breath I sucked in) and we cheered for our successes (we rocked the dance and bowling legs of the race, thank you… thank you very much.)

Thank you DENsations for helping to make my first DENSI memorable.


How many DEN Stars does it take to use a GPS to geocache during a scavenger hunt?

Uh… 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 …. I lost count.  19, 20…

We even tried to use cellphones when that didn’t work.

What is this and what does it mean?

BUT we all worked together to finish that challenge and ‘Get ‘er done.’

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