November 28

#LACUE2012 Recap 1

This post is a quick recap of all of the wonderful things that this year’s LACUE 2012 has inspired me to share with my students and my PLN.  I will fully explore the resources more a little later.

I know that my students should not just be consumers of information; I know that my students must be producers of information if they are to succeed in this digital era. That being said, I am going to use many of the tools that I have exposed to (and in many cases re-exposed to) in an effort to make them more accountable for their learning and more engaged in our classes.

Tools that I love, love, love….

“Teacher” tools that my students can use to produce curriculum resources



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I am an English teacher at West Jefferson Senior High School in Harvey, Louisiana. I teach approximately 90 students and I hope to leave them with skills, ideas, thoughts, dreams, and hopes that will guide them in future endeavors.

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