Success takes effort #Slice2013

Many believe that success seems like a it takes place after traveling a clear cut path from beginning efforts to the end goal. Some success does happen that way but success happens for most after traveling along a road that seems to meander along.

The most important thing about success is the perseverance that makes one continue after floundering.

Success = Effort

For me, success (whatever success I think that I may have accomplished) occurs when I am willing to WORK toward a goal. Working can mean; talking, posting, commenting, replying, creating, sharing, etc.

My path to success looks similar to the trek above:

  • I start out on a clear path
  • I see something else that interests me and check it out
  • I remember where I was headed in the beginning of this trip to success so… I go back to my original path
  • I hear about a cool new tool that can do what I want me or my kids to learn
  • I then must gather my thoughts because I have been down two other paths since I started out on my original one
  • Now I need to tweak my original path because I have found some resources that are better suited to my needs
  • I am now back on my path, my newly constructed path
  • Whoops, emergency … change in plans. Not path but plans.
  • Ok, emergency diverted – back on path
  • Etc, Etc, Etc….

Success = Effort + Perseverance, not Ease

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on “Success takes effort #Slice2013
One Comment on “Success takes effort #Slice2013

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