March 28

Class Participation

This year is almost over and I am thinking about next year. I am working out a different system for issuing class participation points.  I will start off the school-year using index cards, Popsicle sticks or ?? something that randomly allows me to ‘select’ a student.

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I know that many feel that this nonvoluntary participation is a horrible thing to do. To terrorize students who may or may not know the answer by pulling their name out of a hat is considered by some to be ineffective.  I agree to a point.  I also know that I am using this technique as a way to let them know that they are ‘required’ to participate in class discussions.   Each week I will try to hit each child at least once to make sure that they all have a chance to receive participation points.

I am still slicing through my 31 posts for this month. I am almost halfway there.

My 15/31 slice

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