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Daily slides to ‘show’ daily agenda

When the students walk in and see this slide, they know that for today’s class they will need to get out their workbooks, paper and the textbook.

I am trying to be sure that I use my projector and board to SHOW the students what I need from them. This picture shows their homework assignment: there is a picture of the reading passage/poem, the question starters that they were to use to create questions based on the text and the index cards they need to turn in to me.

This picture will be on the board at the beginning of class as a reminder of what I need to collect from them. Most times as they file into the room it serves as a reminder for both of us as to the homework that must be turned in.  I teach 4 classes and 3 subjects each day and there are quite a few times during the course of the day that I can’t remember what I class I am in and what we are supposed to be doing. Creating PowerPoints with pictures of the daily work helps to keep me on track.

What do you use as classroom management tools to help you focus and stay on track?

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