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Week One is Over

Today we will


  • Objectives: Get acquainted
  • Assignments: 1. Complete ‘Find Someone Who’ 2. Starburst Writing
  • Products: 1. Completed ‘Find Someone Who’ chart 2. Responses to Starburst Writing


  • Objectives: Highlight importance of being descriptive when writing
  • Assignments: 1.Respond to … I know. I feel. I believe  2.  Color ‘go noodle’ coloring sheet, describe it, exchange descriptions and try to recreate someone else’s monster.
  • Products: Original monster, description and recreated monster


  • Objectives: Getting to know one another
  • Assignments: Students will decorate a Mandala that represents some of their ideals
  • Products: Decorated Mandala


  • Objectives: Team building
  • Assignments: Build the tallest and strongest structure possible using spaghetti, marshmallows, string and tape
  • Products: Final spaghetti structure



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