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GooseChase Missions

I wanted to shake up our vocabulary lesson so I used GooseChase missions. I have had them complete missions before, but this was my first time using GooseChase.

☆12 bullet points from the leading and vision chart.   400 Pts
Create a video explaining the 12 bullet points from the leading and vision chart.

☆Communication   600 Pts
Create a video that demonstrates how a successful leader communicates with others.

☆Define: Action-oriented   400 Pts
Record the definition

☆Record the definition  Insightful intuition  400 Points
Define: insightful intuition

☆Leading vs. Managing     600 Points
Make a cartoon with captions to teach the difference between “leadership” and management. Use   Below is a link for you to access images.

☆Passions     400 Points
What are two things that leaders are passionate about?

☆proactive self-reliance   400 Points
Define: proactive self-reliance

☆Reflecting is important.    600 Points
Your group must create a short video that shows a leader reflecting.

☆Team Picture  400 Points
Have someone take your team’s photograph as you strike your most serious, leadership type pose.

☆What are some decisions that a “money-wise” leader makes?   400 Points
Demonstrate your vocabulary knowledge.

Here is an Animoto video that I made about our GooseChase experience.

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