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Region 1 TLTC training on comicstrips

I am attending a Professional Development Session offered by Beverly and Yazid of Region 1’s TLTC office.  We are making comic strips [...]

Whoops, I am only humn. I mean human

I made a spelling error in an earlier post.  Thanks to @computermorah for pointing this out. By the way Shayne, I found another one. LOL [...]

I started a blog for my daughter

I started a blog for my daughter after Christmas so that she could have her own personal space to show off some of the Web 2.0 tools and app [...]

My 2020

10 Years From Now, What Do You Hope Your Life Will Be Like? Fast forward to the future another Plinky topic In 10 years, I will still be an [...]

Blogs – 21 techie tchr topics

A Blog is an online diary or personal log of thoughts published on a Web page.  It can be used for a variety of things.  I use blogs to pr [...]

Give me a few minutes and I will make you a GREAT blogger

Below you will find some general tips to follow to help you create headlines to hook you readers.  You want them to read because you sound [...]

See How Easily You Can Draw Readers

  For this class, I want you to gain readers and to have meaningful conversations with them.  So to help you do that this blog post gives [...]

Commenting 101

The list below is a brief reminder of what you must do as a commenter.  There is a link to a blog post that I wrote on my personal blog pag [...]

Ms. Water's Tips on better blogging

Ms. Waters, one of the creators, of Edublogs has an article that she has written to help others blog better. Use paragraphs to break up your [...]

Blogging in response to a quote

How do you create a blog post about a quote? First you read the quote. Then you read the quote again. Then you read the quote and ask yourse [...]

Commenting about someone's podcast

Commenting about someone’s podcast/vodcast/movie Dear <First Name of Videomaker> What I noticed most about, “<Exact Title o [...]

cOmmENTing ProtoCOL

There is a protocol to follow when COMMENTING Speak directly to the student or teacher whose post you are responding to.  Address them by n [...]
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