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Missions and Hunts: Scavenger or QR

Hunts and Missions help get your scholars up and moving around as they complete assignments that allow you to see if they have mastered the [...]

#UnleashingLiteracy with #EngagingActivities

#UnleashingLiteracy with #EngagingActivities Our Scholars need to create and not just test. Bubbling in is not the best way to assess all st [...]

Monster Mystery

As we begin this schoolyear, I decided that one of their first writing assignments would be to compose a descriptive paragraph. NO descripti [...]

News is Needed in our Classes

From time to time I re-evaluate what I currently do and what I have done in the past. One of these re-evaluation reflection sessions led me [...]

Need more Information about Implementing Common Core?

I am and I know that many of you are too. None of us wants to fall short and embarrass ourselves or do a disservice to our students. My pari [...]

Breaking down poetry into its smallest pieces

Common Core this… Common Core that…. Increase rigor… Raise the bar….. I have been bombarded by the following terms a [...]

Common Core State Standards for 11th and 12th grades

The CCR anchor standards and high school grade-specific standards work in tandem to define college and career readiness expectations—the f [...]

#LACUE2012 Recap 1

This post is a quick recap of all of the wonderful things that this year’s LACUE 2012 has inspired me to share with my students and my [...]

Somersaulting the Classroom at #DENSI2012

Tim Childers discussed how to somersault your classroom.  He began his presentation letting us know that somersalting the classroom can be [...]

My Me Manifesto

I am working my way through Shelly Terrell’s #30GoalsEdu  Each week there are a [...]

Reading NetSmart by Rheingold

  I have had the pleasure of scheduling Wednesday nights to work with Paul Allison,, and others in a discussion about H [...]

VocabAhead has videos to encourage vocabulary learning

This site has videos and flipcards to help them learn vocabulary words. With VocabAhead you can: 1. Create Your Personalized Lists Create pe [...]
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