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“I Can” Statements

I have gone back and forth and up and down creating different formats of a participation sheet that helps students track their work.  I wa [...]

My Bulletin Board

 On my bulletin board I have several KEY pieces of news items: classroom rules, calendar, handout with key dates, copy of student/teacher/p [...]

How big are our shoulders?

We have to comfort, educate, discipline, cajole and care for 100-200 students a year and instead of getting a pat on the back, we often get [...]

We created Utopian Societies

One of the assignments we completed this school year was to create a video about our Utopian society. After reading ‘Harrison Bergeron [...]

Writing Fix’s Serendipitous Plot Creator

   This site allows you to randomly select a setting, character and conflict for story writing.  Press the button and you will be given a [...]

Is it Summer Break yet?

Kids Gone Wild? It is almost the end of school and my kids are counting the minutes, no seconds until summer vacation.  It is a struggle to [...]

My Scholars are Stars

Our podcasts were ‘unveiled’ at the New Orleans Musuem of Art last Friday night.  Hailey in front of Mounted Warrior, Yoruba Pe [...]

Preparing for PDs

We are scheduling our Professional Development Sessions for the 2010-11 schoolyear and I am looking forward to present tools and resources t [...]

Using New Tools and Planning for next year

This post is a 2fer. I have embedded a table with our state’s GLEs correlated with our Holt textbook.  I used to create th [...]
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