September 18

How 2 write a journal response

Give your response a title.

Explain what you think the cartoon, picture, video, quote is saying/showing.

  • What point is the is the creator making?
  • What is the issue, theme or big idea?
  • Can you connect this to a film, book or experience?
  • What is your opinion?

Your response should be a thoughtful relection about the prompt.

September 15

Edublog Tips for U to peruse

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September 12

Most popular goals

Some of the current most popular goals are listed below.  What are some of your goals or resolutions.  Try to list 25 of them. 

These goals come from

most popular goals:

have better posture get a job lose weight get out of debt write a novel Quit Smoking , get in shape, Learn to cook

September 12

most popular goals: exercise r…

most popular goals: exercise regularly, Skydive ,learn sign language, travel, Kiss in the rain, Make new friends, b more confident

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September 12

Online Resources for English class

Site has tons of tips and resources for kids to use.

Quick Reference Guides

These reference guides provide answers to common questions about writing and English or language arts classes.

Lists and explains the basic points of grammar that are absolutely necessary for anyone who wants to write well.

This guide began as a top 10 list, but has expanded to its current form. Provides examples and explanations for each item on the list.

Lists and defines the eight parts of speech.

Lists step-by-step suggestions for self-editing/proofreading

This is an ongoing list of cliches that make writing trite and dull.

Lists and defines the universal symbols used in copy editing.

Lists and defines some of the most commonly used literary terms

Lists and defines the more advanced literary terms.

Test taking skills