August 15

Week One is Over

Today we will


  • Objectives: Get acquainted
  • Assignments: 1. Complete ‘Find Someone Who’ 2. Starburst Writing
  • Products: 1. Completed ‘Find Someone Who’ chart 2. Responses to Starburst Writing


  • Objectives: Highlight importance of being descriptive when writing
  • Assignments: 1.Respond to … I know. I feel. I believe  2.  Color ‘go noodle’ coloring sheet, describe it, exchange descriptions and try to recreate someone else’s monster.
  • Products: Original monster, description and recreated monster


  • Objectives: Getting to know one another
  • Assignments: Students will decorate a Mandala that represents some of their ideals
  • Products: Decorated Mandala


  • Objectives: Team building
  • Assignments: Build the tallest and strongest structure possible using spaghetti, marshmallows, string and tape
  • Products: Final spaghetti structure



August 2

Back to School – Agenda


The 5 things that I want to get done the first week with the students.

  1. Three community building activities
    1. Find someone who..with selfie – this activity requires the students to locate other classmates with certain skills or experiences. I hope that this activity allows us to mingle and learn a little bit about each other.
    2. tallest structure wins via our Marshmellow Challenge – this activity requires that groups construct the tallest structure possible using 20 pieces of spaghetti, tape and string. Their construct should be strong enough to hold a marshmallow. The purpose of this activity allows for them to test out the parameters of efficient group work so that we can develop our rules surrounding class and group behavior.
    3. ABCs of school – students are to describe school using words that begin with every letter of the alphabet.
  2.  Writing piece – Reflection of our work experience in class.
  3.  Introduction of rules – I want to show a PowerPoint that discusses acceptable procedures and classroom rules.
  4.  List of Ingredients – students will list 10 ingredients that they are made of.
  5.  Pretest – rut row

Hopefully I will be able to get most of this done.

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July 7

Joining Bloglovin

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I am a classroom teacher who is trying to BE THE CHANGE that I always talk about. I want to become a teacherpreneur and branding is part of that process.

July 4

What you might not know about the Declaration of Independence – Kenneth C. Davis | TED-Ed


This is Day 4 of TEDEd Challenge and the lesson is about the Declaration of Independence.

In June 1776, a little over a year after the start of the American Revolutionary War, the US Continental Congress huddled together in a hot room in Philadelphia to talk independence. Kenneth C. Davis dives into some of the lesser known facts about the process of writing the Declaration of Independence and questions one very controversial omission.

Watch. Think. Dig deeper. Discuss this lesson to learn more.

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July 1

TED-Ed Blog» Blog Archive » Take the TED-Ed July Challenge!


Today was the first TEDEd Challenge. What challenge you ask? Well TEDEd will share one lesson a day during July to keep our brains in shape this summer.  To participate, you must complete the lesson by watching a video and answering then answer a series of questions. 
Here is the link to sign up

This is a great way to check out the video lessons if you are not familiar with TEDEd lessons. This first video explains the effects of sugar on the body.

DAY 1: How sugar affects the brain
When you eat something loaded with sugar, your taste buds, your gut and your brain all take notice.

(I am trying out my phone app for this post)

June 30

Louisiana Teachers Blog y’all

Teacher Blogger Meetup In Review

What happens when you gather a room full of Lousiana bloggers in a library on a Saturday? The 1st Annual Louisiana Teacher Blogger Meetup, of course. Jasmine McClain was our hostess with the mostest and she carried out our theme, “Future’s So Bright, We Gotta Wear Our Shades,” fabulously. In my mind, it set the tone for the rest of the day. I was overwhelmed by the vision and support of the woman that I met last Saturday.

The time and effort that Jasmine and her crew spent on the decor, agenda and treats to make sure that we were all comfortable as we spent time with one another learning the ends and outs of blogging and branding was greatly appreciated. Jovial Jessica talked to us about blogging and then Marvelous Mia presented information about TpT. I heard about ways to grow subscriptions through blog hops and link ups. Our conversations centered around fonts and clipart, ways to follow creative commons parameters and helpful tax tips.

I am not a ‘TpT’er and don’t know if I will ever become one but the information that I gathered from all of these women was so empoweing that I can officially declare to the world that …I took the leap and became the bomb dot com as

I took the leap and became the bomb dot com as Whoot. Whoot. I did a quick search of my name, Ms B is Online and I saw that the results came back as me sooo…. I claimed it.

I am MsBisOnline

Will I decide to sell my material??? I don’t know. Saturday was such an overwhelming experience and I learned great tips from all of these Louisiana Blogging Women. I know that

  • I will continue to present around the region.
  • I will continue to connect with these ladies and others.
  • I will continue to make connections with other classes so that my scholars can see how small this world wide web really is.
  • I will continue to define what it means to be Ms. B. who is Online.

Please contact Jasmine if you have any questions about signing up for next year. You can find her here at BlogFacebookPinterestTwitter, and Instagram . I know that you all want some of our goodies. Sorry that you missed out on the kernels of knowledge, but you can enter for a chance to win one of two swag bags via our Swag Bag Contest.

Swag Bag GiveawayWidgets that work to connect blogs together are new to me but there is a Rafflecopter widget that will allow you to register to win one of the bags.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


June 5

Teacher Leader Summit 2015

June 4th and June 5th I had the pleasure of attending the 2nd Louisiana Teacher Leaders Summit and I had a blast. I enjoyed the sessions that I attended and I can’t wait to use the new resources that I saw. Click here to see many of the awesome things that were shared with us.


March 21

Responding with memes

Thanks to my summer ventures into self driven PD, I had an opportunity to play with memes. I realized that I was hooked when I was saving my 20th meme.

I wanted to duplicate this engagement in a class assignment for my kids. They have been asked to create memes for 3 assignments.

1st – after reading an article about school curriculum and listening to Sir Ken Robinson discussing how School Kills Creativity, I wanted them to create pro-school memes

2nd – as part of our Rhetoric Unit I asked for memes that can be used to help me explain ethos, pathos, and logos to future classes

3rd – as a response to our study of “A Lesson Before Dying”

Some were great and Some were mediocre. They had fun completing this assignment and I had fun looking at their creations.

February 22

My Scholars are Online and Passionate

We are in the midst of Pursuing our Passions as we work through our #PassionateScholars Project. My Scholars are researching a topic that is important to them. I have decided to try out the 20% Project and allow my students to research a topic of their own choosing. This topic should be one that they feel passionate about because they will be researching it and presenting findings for it to the class in a Ted Style video.

  • What? – What in the world is 20%?
    • The basic premise of the 20 percent time project is that it is student-driven, passion-based  learning.
  • How? – Did I hear about this idea?
    • Everywhere = Daniel Pink’s book, Drive. Pink,
  • Why? – Did I think that it was a good idea for my Scholars?
    • It is important that they have some freedom and selection in the work that we do.
  • When? – Do they research, plan, share and present?
    • I have no idea. They research inside and outside of the classroom. They will share and present in about four weeks to the class annndd..???

and the final question:

  • Did? – I lose my mind? LOL
    • Yes. How can a classroom full of students all panic when told to research what they wanted to know more about and felt passionate about.

First, if you tell students that they will have one day a week to research a topic of their own, the first question is WHAT SHOULD I RESEARCH?

Second, when I asked them to create a blog, something happened to their ability to turn on a computer and click a link. 

Third, I obviously need to hold on real tight because I feel that we will have a bumpy ride ahead.

These Wordles house links to the student blogs and proposal pitch videos.

Work from my 2nd period Scholars

Work from my 3rd period Scholars

Work from my 4th period Scholars