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My Me Manifesto

I am working my way through Shelly Terrell’s #30GoalsEdu http://teacherbootcamp.edublogs.org/30-goals-2012/.  Each week there are a few goals to reflect upon.  Goal 1 is to create a Me Manifesto that identifies what you want to accomplish in your class.


For me that is easy – technology integration and the publication of student work.  I want my kids to publish photomovies, blog posts, fake tweets/facebook pages and essays on their ePortfolios.  It is my experience that I can engage the ‘unengageable’ more with technology than I could with pen and paper.


Here are some of the ePortfolios that my students have published.  Some are better than others BUT I am pleased with them all.  The students rose to the challenge and completed more work for me on their ePortfolios than they did completing worksheets.

Sarah’s work

Myesha’s work

Sheldon’s work

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