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Creating audio responses #Slice2013

This is slice 3 of 31 and once again an ode to Matt. Last week’s assignment was to create a podcast that gave insight into your life. Matt’s suggestion was to assume the age of your students and create an audio tribute to your life.

I chose to use a pre-existing assignment and put a little flavor into it. I have had my students re-create George Lyon’s Where I Come From poem.  I combined the two assignments and came up with this
Where I’m From audio by MsBisOnline

Today’s slice is again how I integrate technology into my class. I hope that my readers aren’t expecting to see a grand novel, because they will be greatly disappointed.  My unwritten book would be more of a ‘how to’ book that shows how to create engaging online activities and I am good with that. I am a teacher who loves to create assignements that involve the integration of technology to help my students connect with the text that we are reading or viewing. I know that it is important to help students dive into literature and I look for any way to make this happen.

Creating audio responses/podcasts is another great way to do this.  As I created mine, I had to pick out what sounds I wanted to represent.  It took me awhile to come up with what I wanted to highlight. Truth be told, I wanted a sound for everything. I realized that that would be a little too much and I knew that I had to wrap up the assignment so I put a bow on it and let it go. 

That is the level of engagement that we want for our kdis, we want them to groan when the bell rings because they are wrapped up in their work and sorry to see it come to an end. Assignments that allow them to express themselves personally and individually can have this desired effect.

Do you have activities that cause them to have to run out of class because they are late for their next class?  If you don’t, you might want to interject some activities that allow them to express themselves more.

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