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School, I <3 you, but ... #Slice2013

Today’s slice inspiration comes from  This site has daily writing prompts that you can use in class. One of the latest ones is below.

Absolutes are rare in a world that is built with shades and variations. Absolute love, absolute trust, absolute happiness–you could make an argument that none of those things actually exist. Fill in the following, and use it as a springboard for a confessional letter.

I ____________ you absolutely, but _______________ .

Dear School,

I love you absolutely, but there are times when you deeply disappoint me. I love learning so of course I love a place that is dedicated to learning and teaching.

I love classrooms that are available as meeting places for students seeking knowledge.

I love bells because they are audio signals that indicate transition times.

I love the chaos in hallways in between classes, when students greet long lost friends who they haven’t seen in 60 or 90 minutes.

I love the thought of daily nutrition being offered to support eager minds and young bodies.


I don’t like the complicity that I sometimes see on the school, district, state or national level.

I don’t like the lack of resources that stop me from doing the best job that I can do.

I am really disappointed that sometimes I have more distractors than scholars who make it difficult for me to impart grains of knowledge.

I don’t like inconsistently enforced rules.


School, you have your ups and downs; your good and bad; your strengths and weaknesses and I accept them all. All of these elements help to make you who you are and I have learned to live with it and work around it.


Thanks for being you,



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