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Using TweetGrid to catch Tweets for EdCampLA [...]

EdCampLA’s Back Channel

Click Here for the EdCampLA Cover It Live Back Channel site. [...]

I cry because I am heartbroken

Yesterday I had to appear in Juvenile Court to testify against a student who stole from me.  I have never been to the Juvenile Courthouse [...]

I love to share

 @jcolque has issued  30 day challenge  to help us reflect on our teaching Day 2:  What do you believe is your greatest strength as a te [...]

How do we video without Flip cams?

OMGeeee…  Just read an article on the ReadWriteWeb site entitled, Farewell, Flip Camera that tells of the demise of Flip cameras [...]

#EdCampLA 2011

“EdCampLA” [...]

Wait Time is key for learning

I was not born in New Orleans but I have been raised here and my children are born and bred New Orleanians so Mardi Gras is a Big Deal here. [...]

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Thanks to Mr. Young for our ice cream!!!  Whoo Hoo.  He is celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday.   Famous Seuss Words to live by… [...]

PD Wednesday – Literacy Strategies

Today we are getting wonderful tidbits of knowledge from one of our ELA Trainers, Freddy Waguespack.  We are focusing on this month’s [...]

My work with N.O.M.A.

I was approached several months ago and asked to work with my school district’s technology department and the New Orleans Museum of Ar [...]

The Plan vs. The Reality

The plan 30 students were to take a trip to the Museum to examine the artifacts all students were to be grouped and conduct research about [...]
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